how to add a flyer to the wall

Advertising on this site starts from £25 ($45) for the smallest sized flyer.

I also promote for free sites I personally like, see the faq page for more info.

Please see below for further information relating to advertising on this site, and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Terms and conditions relating to advertising on the flyer wall

I have the right to refuse to advertise or link to anything I deem to be inappropriate.

If a site linked to from a flyer has it‘s content changed to anything I deem to be inappropriate then I have the right to remove your flyer and offer a full refund.

Flyers will only be accepted on the understanding that the site linked to, and any graphics used in the creation of the flyer provided, belong to the site owner.

Unless otherwise agreed I produce the graphics for each flyer. Flyers will only be placed on the site after -

1) You are happy with the look of the flyer
2) the position of the flyer on the site has been agreed.
3) You have agreed to the terms and conditions.
4) full payment has been received. For a period of two weeks after a flyer has been placed on the site you will be entitled to having your flyer‘s removed and a full refund. After this time flyers can be removed though you may not be eligible for a refund.

This website will be live for a minimum of 4 years.

I can‘t guarantee that won‘t suffer downtime, though on notification of downtime I will aim to get the site up again as soon as possible.

Purchasing a flyer entitles you to advertise your site with a graphic and link, this purchase does not give you any ownership rights to my site.

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