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The term flyer refers to a single page leaflet or poster that can be used to promote or advertise events, products or even political causes.

Common in many large cities, flyers are by their nature throw-away, and as a result they offer a cheap but effective form of advertising.

Taken to extremes whole walls can be often seen covered in flyers, this has caused the act of flyposting to be banned in many places. Derelict buildings can become especially popular locations to flypost.

Despite their throw-away nature, flyers often have a strong graphic style to them, this has made them especially popular for the promotion of bands and clubs. Some flyers can even become highly collectable. There are even graphic design books dedicated to to the more artistic and creative flyer designs.

More and more money is spent each year on online advertising and promotion, and with many businesses turning to alternative ways to promote their products, such as by using Discount Codes and vouchers, you may think traditional printed advertisements have had their time. You would be wrong! Thanks to advancements in the software used to design the adverts, and also faster and more efficient digital printers, traditional paper based flyers can still be extremely effective!

flyer links

Wikipedia - provides a good starting place for information on the history and culture of flyers.

Flyerboy the game - Flyerboy is out collecting flyers but has run into some trouble! The drunks and the rozzers are on to him!

The Arcade Flyer Archive (TAFA) - a digital repository of promotional advertisement flyers that were created for the amusement industry to promote sales of games.

Reminiscence classic house flyers - a personal collection of club flyers including many from the legendary Hacienda.

Stardom Labs Punk Flyers - a personal collection of punk rock flyers from the early 80's to the present.

flyer printing companies UK

Uk flyers (Portsmouth) - Leaders in design & print

Flyerboy (West Sussex) - Printing flyers is our business

Face Media Group (Brighton) - Specialists in flyer printing and design

A local Printer (West Sussex) - Eco friendly flyer printing

Best Printing (London) - We specialize in all kinds of printing & design for business

Edmunds (Edinburgh) - Cheap budget leaflets & flyers printing

PrintHouse Corporation (London) - London design & print solutions

Fat Flyers (Brighton) - Specializing in promotional flyer design & print

PlasmaDesign (Hampshire) - Flyers, leaflets & brochures

Centreprint - (Wolverhampton) Low cost colour printing

Circle Leaflet Printing - (Essex) Leaflet printing, advertising cards, business cards, postcards

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